Standing with those who stand with us

They sacrificed.
They died.
They endured.

Thousands of brave Afghan men and women joined the United States in the fight against al-Qa’ida mere weeks after the 9-11 terrorist attacks. For two decades, these dedicated Afghans battled a ruthless, unyielding enemy shoulder-to-shoulder with US soldiers and CIA operatives. They sacrificed. They died. They endured.

Now, many of our loyal comrades-in-arms remain trapped in Afghanistan under a repressive Taliban regime hell bent on hunting them down.

Badger Six exists to support those Afghans who risked everything to help the United States in our time of greatest need

We are particularly focused on the very first to answer the call—the families of the Afghan Calvary who fought alongside the CIA’s Team Alpha and US Army Green Berets.

And we, as Americans, have a sacred and moral responsibility to continue to work to get Afghan men and women who risked everything to assist us to safety. ESPECIALLY, those who helped our teams in the early days, who have no paperwork to satisfy bureaucratic requirements. We know better—they put their lives on the line to fight alongside of us—and they deserve better from the United States.

We can never forget them. We cannot leave them behind.

We refuse to abandon our Afghan allies. Our partners. Our friends.

They never gave up, and neither will we. In the words of Mike Spann, the original Badger Six and the first US causality in the War on Terror: “Someone has got to do the things no one else wants to do.”

US policies toward Afghanistan may be complex, complicated, and rife with difficult choices, but to BadgerSix and the US veteran community, our path forward is clear—stand with those who stood with us.