The Badger Six Team

Badger Six was created in 2022 as a non-profit charity dedicated to assisting the approximately 30 families of the men who fought alongside CIA Team Alpha and the U.S. Army Green Berets of ODA 595.

Badger Six provides assistance to 30 Afghan families, making our mission limited and finite. We personally know each Afghan partner (or surviving head of family) who receives assistance. Our support includes food, medicine, and financial aid in Afghanistan, help evacuating to a third-country, and resettlement assistance. Our number one priority is to eventually resettle the families in the U.S., but, until then, we are supporting them in Afghanistan and in adjacent countries.

We are determined to help the remaining 30 families survive, rebuild, and thrive. They never gave up, and neither will we. Our path forward is clear—stand with those who stood with us.

Board of Advisors

The Honorable George Tenet
During Team Alpha/ODA 595’s deployment Mr. Tenet served as Director of Central Intelligence.

Ambassador Henry Crumpton
During Team Alpha/ODA 595’s deployment Mr. Crumpton served as Chief of Special Operations in CIA’s Counterterrorist Center. He later served as Ambassador at Large for Counterterrorism.

Lieutenant General John Mulholland
During Team Alpha/ODA 595’s deployment General Mulholland served as Commander of Task Force Dagger. He later served as Deputy Commander, USSOCOM; Commander, USASOC; Commander, SOCCENT; and Deputy Commander JSOC.