Shannon Spann DeBruyn is a lawyer and former intelligence officer with extensive operational and analytical security and counter-terrorism experience both in the U.S. and overseas. She is currently Owner of ADVANCE Resources and Consulting where she serves as a consultant, trainer, and facilitator.

Shannon served as an intelligence officer with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) for over ten years - the majority of which was in the National Clandestine Service Counter Terrorist Center. Shannon supported clandestine operations and liaison operations conducted with key allied governments around the world. She also served on a joint working group with FBI during the so-called “Millennium Threat” and represented the CIA on numerous intelligence community working groups through the National Counter Terrorism Center that was created shortly after the September 11th attacks in the United States.

After leaving government service in 2009, Shannon served as Director of Security Analysis at a Washington DC-based consulting firm assisting Fortune 500 companies in the defense and aerospace sectors mitigate the risk to their facilities and people overseas.

Prior to her intelligence and security work, Shannon was an attorney and Associate Professor of Law in California. She holds a degree in English and American Studies from the University of California Los Angeles and a Juris Doctor from Trinity Law School. She was admitted to the California Bar in 1995.