The Families

One of our most helpful and important commanders was killed on 25 November 2001, alongside Mike Spann.

This commander left behind several family members. In 2021, after the Taliban takeover (and twenty years the commander’s death!), the Taliban located his family and kidnapped, beat, and tortured one of its members and threatened others. The family continues to be under severe threat.

There are 6 other families now headed by widows.

These are among the most vulnerable and most needy. Much of our attention and effort goes to the families of our friends who were killed in action.

A cavalry commander - who fought alongside us on horseback throughout the 2001 campaign -

risked his life, and was wounded, trying to locate CIA Team Alpha officer Mike Spann on 25 November 2001 during the al-Qaida prisoner uprising at Qala-i Jangi. The commander later became a senior officer in the Afghan Army and served until 2021. He lost numerous relatives during the war and remains, with his family, under great threat.

Another commander, who also fought at the battle of Qala-i Jangi, lost his son and brother to the Taliban.

He too became a senior officer in the Afghan Army, always working closely with U.S. and coalition forces. He lost his property to the Taliban and due to the on-going threat, his family is dispersed, in both Afghanistan and an adjacent country.

The above are examples of the people we owe both gratitude and help.

All of our 30 families have lost much and sacrificed a great deal. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, Badger Six will continue to fill the void and provide critical support.