Mark Nutsch served in the Army as a Ranger Regiment and Special Forces officer, deploying on multiple combat tours. In the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, he led ODA-595, one of the first Special Forces teams into northern Afghanistan. There, he and his team advised the resistance leadership, helping to unite the disparate militia forces against the Taliban and al-Qaeda. Riding on horseback much of the time, Nutsch and their combined inter-agency team spearheaded the unconventional warfare operations that liberated the northern provinces of the country and are considered the catalyst for toppling the Taliban regime.

Featured in multiple books, including Swords of Lightning, co-authored w/ his team mates; the Hollywood film, 12 Strong and documentary film Legion of Brothers. Nutsch is a sought after speaker, lecturing often about his unique leadership experiences and their rapid Horse Soldier Bourbon business growth.

He is actively involved in coordinating resources and support in the US and abroad, for his team's Afghan allies and their families, who stood beside our Special Forces and America in its darkest hours after 9/11.