Nazanin Amini is a seasoned finance professional with a diverse background that spans healthcare finance, hospital administration and pharmaceutical market research. In her role as a Badger Six board member and Director of Finance, she has consistently demonstrated a commitment to enhancing operational efficiency and financial control through the development and implementation of robust financial procedures. Nazanin's meticulous record-keeping of donations and financial transactions ensures a high level of transparency and accountability within the organization. Beyond financial oversight, Nazanin leads fundraising efforts, orchestrates events, and oversees the integration and management of technological solutions for Badger Six operations. She also serves as a valuable resource for resettled Afghans, assisting them in navigating their transition to the United States.

In her current position as a Senior Financial Analyst at NYU Langone Health, Nazanin manages critical financial processes, including journal entries, account reconciliations, and budget updates. She takes the lead in preparing statistical reports for financial statements and actively fosters collaboration between the finance and operational departments to enhance accurate and efficient reporting.

During her tenure as a Finance Decision Support Analyst at Englewood Health, Nazanin played a pivotal role in composing revenue reports, profit and loss statements, and daily statistical analyses of hospital census. Collaborating closely with clinical and administrative leadership, she optimized operations and ensured data quality by navigating electronic medical records and validating information. Her implementation of innovative reporting procedures significantly improved efficiency and accuracy in financial reporting.

Nazanin's wealth of experience includes her role as a Managed Care Research Analyst at Zitter Health Insights, where she analyzed pharmaceutical and managed care market research data, created specialized reports for client deliverables, and managed databases to ensure accuracy and completeness.

Her commitment to excellence is also reflected in her educational background, holding a Bachelor's degree in Neuroscience, Political Science, and Philosophy from Duke University. Honored as a Lord Rothermere Scholar, she pursued Political Theory at New College, University of Oxford. Nazanin holds a Global Health Certificate from Duke University and was recognized as a Wickersham Scholar by the Triangle Institute for Securities Studies. Currently, she is an MBA candidate at NYU Stern.

Fluent in English, Farsi, and Spanish, with beginner-level proficiency in Turkish, Urdu, and Hindi, Nazanin brings a global perspective and a diverse skill set to her professional endeavors.